New show - Sophie Codependent

May 16, 2023

Announcing our new show, Sophie Codependent

After going through a breakup, award-winning comedian Sophie Santos butts heads and belts it out with their personified OCD.

Sophie thought they had everything: a life in Brooklyn, a book deal before the age of thirty, and their soulmate of four years. When the pandemic forces Sophie and their girlfriend, Lily, to move NEXT DOOR to Lily’s parents, Lily gets a job two days later…in Pennsylvania. Tormented by the “space” between the two, Sophie’s personified OCD, aka Oliver Charles Davis, reappears and supercharges the codependency imploding the relationship. Whoops.

Desperate to get their girlfriend back, Sophie hires a life coach on who explains the way to get back with an ex is to become the best version of yourself. Sophie and Oliver travel together toward Sophie’s new life, butting heads and belting out tunes as Sophie learns to love being alone (and maybe their OCD, too).

Catch Sophie this Edinburgh Fringe at Underbelly's Bristo Square, 2nd - 28th of August, 7pm.

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